Cellfish Subscriptions

Are you thinking about subscribing to Cellfish? Would you like to find out about our tariffs? Do you need to contact our support service? Whatever your needs may be, this site will give you all the information you need about subscriptions. We’re here to provide information, respond to your questions, and to guide you step by step through your Cellfish subscription.

Cellfish: Who are we?

Cellfish has one simple mission that can be summed up in two words: entertaining you. We’re a business specialising in entertainment content for mobile devices. For ten years we’ve been European leaders in creating, editing and publishing digital entertainment products.

Our expertise covers all areas: videos, gaming, music, social… not only do we produce our own content but we also create content for our business partners. Whatever your area of industry may be, from mobile phone service providers to content providers, or high-tech product retailers, we can solve your issues to help you to reach your clients more effectively.

The Cellfish subscription plans

Thanks to our subscription plans, we’re part of our clients’ everyday lives. When you subscribe to Cellfish, you can be certain you’ll never be bored and will receive original, cool and entertaining content on a daily basis, all at a small cost. Take a look at our guides devoted to Cellfish subscription plans to get all the information you need. This site will help you to:

  • Choose and subscribe to a Cellfish plan.
  • Change your package settings.
  • Change your personal information and your contact details.
  • Find solutions to your subscription problems.
  • Connect with our customer services and chat with one of our operators.
  • Unsubscribe and close your Cellfish account.